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About ArchTR


We are a professional architecture firm based in USA

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Design Company.
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ArchTR is a full service firm offering Architecture, Planning, and Interior Design services. We have a strong team of professionals. We are collaborators. A successful outcome requires architect and client to form a productive working partnership, each valuing the contributions of the other, committed to a common vision of what a successful outcome will be.

The company specializes in designing custom residential architecture, commercial interiors, commercial architecture, facilities management and construction from the simplest utilitarian garden shed to large multi-building private estates and multi-unit housing developments. The company provides full architectural services, specializing in preservation and restoration architecture, in addition to interior design, planning and construction management services. The firm also offers small commercial and recreational facility planning and design services

Modern Architecture

Intelligence-Based Approach:
It is no longer sufficient for us to intuit design solutions. We believe today’s most successful project outcomes are grounded in strategy informed by industry-specific research and client evidence. Our intelligence-based approach leverages proven, data-driven principles to maximize each organization’s real estate investment by best aligning the physical environment to business, operational, and human objectives.

We believe that the success of any organization rests in the strength of its people and in their ability to excel. Our teams translate strategy into equitable, human centric designs that drive optimal space performance. By promoting wellbeing and nurturing the exchange of ideas, we realize environments where individuals thrive, creativity and innovation flourish, and business prospers in turn.