Our company was assigned the job of designing a highend lounge that would reflect the Army Navy building‘s historical background through a contemporary design approach, unifying the property‘s commercial aspect to its renowned club. The luxurious amenity space occupies the 12th floor and the penthouse of the building, connected by a distinctive staircase that greets visitors and conveys both the area‘s rich history and a chic feel of a boutique hotel. Moreover, the staircase allows for more natural light to enter the area, which was previously limited due to the small number of windows.

Designers chose to repurpose previously leasable offices and convert an untidy storage room into the penthouse of the area, offering beautiful city views, comfortable seating, and highend audiovisual equipment. The space has been revamped to include multiple tenant lounges, a bar, seating, a meeting room, and a communal entertainment center.

This office building renovation project consist of 8000 RSF. The project pays homage to the adjacent club and hotel by incorporating built in bookcases, bespoke carpentry, and carefully chosen fabrics. Contemporary artwork and accents, as well as light fixtures, make the lounge and penthouse feel luxurious and residential. This amenity, which is accessible to all building tenants, is credited with a 35% rise in occupancy.