The Challenge

The goal is to create a 21st century health care destination that will draw the top surgeons and genetic researchers, furthering the hospital‘s ambition of becoming a multifunctional neighborhood amenity.

The Design Solution

This design solution provides fluid pedestrian access throughout the site along with public amenities that will engage local communities and the adjacent neighborhoods when it opens. Taking inspiration from majestic bridges, the solution emphasizes movement through the hospital and clinics while optimizing flow and efficiency of operations. It follows a pinwheel pattern that radiates from a central core, with the towers arranged in a way that allows for distinct phasing. Additionally, the clinics are placed facing an internal court, making them easily accessible and encouraging individuals to take charge of their health care.

The Design Impact

The towers of Ibni Sina Health are designed in a way that resembles the sails of docked ships, symbolizing as a port city. Upon completion, this project will be Ibni Sina’s first large-scale facility, catering to both VIPs and regular patients. It will be a 21st century health care destination, bringing together the most highly-regarded surgeons and genetic researchers and providing the community with a multi-functional amenity.