By utilizing data and technology, physicians, health care centers, and other health providers can streamline their operations and improve the effectiveness of their medical services. By managing their business and health care data documents, they can gain insight into their practices and make informed decisions that will benefit their patients.
By utilizing IT solutions in health care, providers are able to enhance the quality of their health services. This leads to improved access to patient health care data, such as personal histories, which can be quickly and easily located.
When a patient visits the hospital, their past medical records can be easily accessed using IT. Their progress over time is tracked and stored in a way that makes it easy to retrieve.
ArchTR was assigned to create a building that would provide an efficient flow of patients and staff through an on stage/off stage design. To accomplish this, two doors were incorporated into each exam room one for the patients and one for the staff to ensure close proximity between the physician and nursing staff, while also promoting collaboration and communication. Additionally, selfservice kiosks were installed as a replacement for traditional multistation checkin counters.
The building, situated along a bustling downtown street, was designed with two entrances on opposing sides and a central circulation spine.” To meet certification requirements, a variety of sustainable design techniques were utilized, such as the use of local and recycled materials, energy efficiency, and irrigation-free landscaping.